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November, 2015

Our Milkweed has seeded. Ladybugs have been released. The Okra was trimmed and a frog found some peace. Lib harvested some purslane with curious kids and Jenyce made some tea with our hibiscus nibs. Flowers and fruit decorated our space while collards, kale, and greens grew quickly all over the place! Our Seminole Squash was lost, the caterpillars were heartless. The potatoes survived and made for a bountiful Thanksgiving harvest. Our year has gone by quickly but we are all very thankful that our garden has grown into a place so very tranquil.

October, 2015

We have accomplished some amazing things this month to make sure our garden is thriving. We are really looking forward to showing off our achievements at our Garden Gathering towards the end of the month. Hope to see you there!

Cistern Project: Phase 1 Complete

This project is really important to the garden as it will improve the way we irrigate our crops. With the help of the Community Growth Grant awarded by The Tampa Garden Club, Phase 1 has been completed thanks to Tim, Ricardo, Jenyce, Denise, and Amy.

As we were working on this project, we noticed water pooling on the top of the wooden cistern platform. Knowing how detrimental the summer sun and standing water can be on wood, we decided to make a modification to the original design. Our goal was to ensure longevity for the work we did so we had a metal cap custom made to fit over the top of our stand. We should be good for years to come!

What’s  Growing:

Special thanks to Lib for repainting our sign. We would also like to thank everyone involved with making sure the sign got to our lovely artist and back again without a hitch: Marc, Cindy, Ellen, Denise and Alex.

Last shout out goes to all of the loyal gardeners that come every week to keep our garden thriving. Look at the amazing work they have done!



September, 2015

This month our awesome garden nannies delivered our seedlings to be planted for the fall. Jenyce, Colleen, Lynelle, Doris and Tim all did a fantastic job growing these crops from seedlings. Kudos and many thanks to you for keeping our garden growing!

Jamie Sumner, of Flutter, donated a lovely bench to the garden and we positioned it under the papaya and pecan trees. A wonderful way for our gardeners to take a break, get out of the sun, and take in the view of our thriving okra plants (many thanks!).

Alex and Denise scavenged the remains of a Southern Red Cedar tree from a neighbor and brought them to the garden. We have been positioning the logs as berms and the smell is so fantastic as you walk through the garden. If you have not been by lately, you should stop in, smell the cedar, and see how the garden is teeming with life!


May, 2015

This month we started to build the foundation for the cistern. We still have some work to do but week by week we are making progress. The cistern was made possible by a grant we were awarded from Hillsborough County Neighborhood Relations Office.



January 10th, 2015

Another busy weekend at the garden. We started building another lovely berm wall making great use of our cinder blocks. We dug new beds and planted potatoes, leafy greens, broccoli and tomatoes. We gave them a good watering and added hay. We tended to the compost and planned out a new space for an herb garden. We organized our things and marked the sprouting black-eyed peas as our new canine friend across the alley watched. We caught up with old friends, gave new ones a tour and took a moment to enjoy all the beauty the garden brings.

January 3rd, 2015

Our first official weekend at our new location on Highland Ave. We had a record amount of people show up. We loved seeing all the new faces, especially the children, and we always appreciate the veterans too. The garden has come to life over the last few weeks and it is truly amazing to see to transformation.


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