How Our Garden Grows

We are grateful to everyone that helps our garden grow, including and especially our SHCG members. Thank you to Tish and Tim Ganey for providing our lovely garden space.

We would like to recognize garden members Anita Lawson, for a donation which allowed us to buy our garden gate, and Denise Moore, for donating our sign. Madeline Baker designed our cool logo. And a big warm thank you to the Davis Island Garden Club and the Riverview Garden Club, whose donations have helped us create and beautify our little garden oasis. Ideas For Us made the generous donation of the fruit trees for our garden grove.

The community helps us with their compost contributions and there is always something to to do! And when we’re stumped by something in the garden, the UF site is a fantastic resource.


We are a MakeSoil Soil Maker Site! What does that mean? We gladly accept compost from neighbors in the community and ask that you drop off on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. If you are not able to make it on Saturday morning, there are buckets near our front gate for donations. We accept fruit & veggie scraps, eggshells and coffee grounds; please take your plastic bags home with you as we do not have trash service at the garden. This helps us make all of our own dirt.

Why it’s important to compost.


Click here to learn more about our ongoing garden maintenance: Garden instructions for website

UF is a fantastic gardening resource: Vegetable gardening by season

Learn more about all the gardens in Hillsborough County:

We’re on the map! Community Garden Brochure :

Want to Learn More?

Stop by the garden – we’d love to show you around.


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