All Hands on Deck!

March 14th at 8:30 amMarch 15th 1:00 pm

With only 1 week left until our garden open house, we need all the help we can get to make our garden even more inviting.Please join us this weekend to help us prepare for our big day by:

  • Turn Compost
  • Finish raking weeds out of newly tilled wildflower bed (near Highland)
  • Plant wildflowers
  • Dig furrows and add soil to create new beds for seedlings
  • Plant seedlings (we need to get these lil ones in the ground!)
  • Tidy up our meeting space

If you do not know where our garden is located and would like to join us. Click here to see a map and get directions.

Please don’t forget to bring your own water to stay hydrated.


Preparing for the transition

Saturday, September 6th 2014 at 8:30 am, at 407 Violet

Let’s get together at the garden on Violet this Saturday and help Linda tidy up the overgrowth around the edges of the property and get the garden in good shape for the transition to its new owner. Bring gloves, water, sun protection, loppers, pitchforks, machetes, smiles and laughter!

Garden Work Party!

Saturday June 14th at  9:00 am

We have had a really great turn out the last two Saturdays so a huge THANK YOU to all who pitched in to help. This is the stuff community gardens are made of!

This weekend we will be gathering (and working!) at the garden on Violet. We hope you can help us with the following items:

407 Violet

Please bring tools if you have them (pitchforks, gloves, garden spades) and help us:

  • Weeding and tidying up the garden beds and pools
  • Harvesting our crops
  • Trim the grass
  • Move water from the sail (our rain barrels are full!)

Please don’t forget to bring your own water to stay hydrated. We look forward to seeing you!

~ Seminole Heights Community Gardens Board

More Leaves Please!

Now is the time… we need the leaves.

Please if you see some in your neighborhood drop them over the fence via the alley between Hanna and Idlewild, to the east of Highland. The new garden property is 6011 Highland. 

We will be working there too on Saturdays and we will have to go searching for leaves instead of spreading them. If  YOU have not played just this little tiny part … am i guilt tripping you? Heck, do it and feel that glow of  pride, YES! And civic participation, YES! You will be helping to make the future safer, sweeter, stronger .
oh cryin’out loud….thanks if you would drop some leaves over the fence.