Important update: the garden is moving

Since June of this year, the Garden has worked to establish a new location at 6011 N. Highland Avenue in the Old Seminole Heights neighborhood.  With the assistance of a volunteer engineer, permitting was secured for the 9,000-sq. foot site, and then right away our members began the work of composting and preparing the soil.

During this time, our Board members have discussed the merits of continuing to split our efforts and resources between the two locations or of consolidating to the new site on Highland.  Finally at a meeting held this past Monday, the decision was made as a practical matter to indeed focus solely on Highland.

The move, which will be completed by year end December 31, is inspired both by necessity and also by a vision for the Garden’s growth.  This vision began to form when we first secured permission to utilize the property at Highland.  It’s a big step for our community garden, and I was taken by how Amy Espinosa, our club’s secretary, described it rather poetically in her newsletter emailed yesterday…

“Metamorphosis is defined as a profound change in form from one stage to the next in the life history of an organism. The garden is, in its own way, a living organism and the landscape on Highland is in the early stages of such a profound change. We have begun to plant and if you have not yet seen how just a few pools have transformed the landscape, it is worth a visit. “

Amy is certainly correct in encouraging you to visit us this Saturday morning. Our progress at Highland is impressive, where you can both appreciate the work accomplished and recognize the potential of what is yet to come.

If you’re a member whose involvement in the SHCG has maybe waned in recent months, well here’s an optimal time to “dig in” with us again.  And to all, I encourage you to invite your interested friends and neighbors to join the effort, too.

It is a constructive and exciting turning point for Seminole Heights Community Garden, and with the work of moving from the old site to the new, and of winter planting, will come the reward and delight of beginning a new phase with us.  We look forward to seeing you!

Denise Moore
President, Seminole Heights Community Garden



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