Some thoughts on starting a garden from one of our own…

Lyrical Garden Libby

I love starting a garden. Cardboard is laid on the grass, and bark spread upon it.
A field of useless grass, which needs mowing if not also chemicals to maintain, is soon transformed into an attractive natural looking area, at the same time as it is creating a rich soil out of the decomposing bark and cardboard. The cardboard is recycled from large containers, and the bark is given free by tree companies who are happy to offload it rather than take it to the dump.

Next come autumn leaves, and manure from vegetarian animals, spread on the areas where soil for plants is to be created.

I love moving the mulch and feeling the sun and breeze on my working muscles. This body loves physical labour. It feels exultant when perspiration arises, anticipating the pleasure of bathing later.

I dream of a time when more and more of those grassy lawns we see, are reduced with areas of mulched ground, pleasant to see, and suggesting wild nature, which recycles and does not create waste. They will be decomposting – breaking down ready for creating a garden; top up the mulch with more free mulch as needed. One day we will need to feed ourselves and not rely on food that is shipped in. This is how to create local resilience –

I can’t wait to harvest our own organic crops. How good they taste.

Elizabeth E Mitchell
Silk Painting and Studio Experiences.


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